Best things to do in Mexico City
Best things to do in Mexico City
Mexico City is culture, experiences, history, unique places, architecture, vibrant streets, diversity, parks, restaurants, bars, museums and discovering the heart of this country.
Relaxed mood
There are a lot of things to see and do in the capital, so pick a neighborhood depending on your mood. If you want to chill out, go to Coyoacan or San Angel, where you’ll find quiet streets, little coffee shops, art galleries, markets and good places to eat in. Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera walked these streets once, so here you’ll find a couple of great museums dedicated to them.
Party and adventure mood
If you want to have a good time partying, you’ll find great bars and clubs in Colonia Roma and Condesa. Here you can treat your foodie side too, the place is full of nice restaurants. The music scene of the city is amazing too, so you can find great shows and festivals throughout the year. Or if you want to experience something more authentic, go to a lucha libre night at Arena Mexico
Couple mood
If you want to surprise that amazing someone with unique and romantic moments, book a nice hotel and live the experiences this city has to offer, like breakfast at the top of Monumento de la Revolucion with views of the sunrise, or spend your night watching a movie at the Autocinema Coyote. Show off your best moves dancing salsa or rumba in Colonia Cuauhtemoc, or enjoy a nice dinner at a rooftop in downtown.
Family mood
There are a lot of parks to spend the day with the family or you can visit el Bosque de Chapultepec and all the activities surrounding the area, like Papalote, a museum your children will love, or La Feria, the traditional amusement park of the city. Near Polanco, you can visit the new aquarium. If you are in the south side, go to Six Flags Mexico. Be sure to spend a day around downtown and take a picture in its central plaza, El Zocalo.
None of the above
There is something for everyone, just let the city surprise you with its museums, prehispanic roots, football stadiums, malls, concert venues, and lucha libre arenas. No matter what mood you’re in, live the extraordinary in Mexico City.
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